Asentiv Mastermind Membership




The Asentiv Mastermind Membership is $49 a month and includes:

  • One virtual Asentiv Mastermind Meeting a Month (currently offered on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 11:15 – 1:00 pm)
  • Access to exclusive Facebook Group (only open to paid participants)
  • Monthly videos focused on having MORE MTF – More Money, More Time, More Fun

We inspire and challenge each other to achieve the amazing business and spectacular life we desire within a powerhouse of like-minded individuals that aspire to great things. Seeking to progress daily in every aspect of our lives and to hold each other accountable to this relentlessly, our ideas and resources are shared through an honest alliance, without restraint, and we give authentic and genuine support of the endeavors of each member.

The Asentiv Mastermind Membership is at the heart of our mission for entrepreneurs to have an amazing business and a spectacular life. Within our unique, confidential and supportive group environments, participants grow and achieve success as a result of the collective expertise and experience that is contributed by each member.

Based upon internationally recognized ‘Mastermind Principles’, participants have the opportunity to take a 360-degree look at their business, share best practice, solve problems and evolve to the maximum of their potential. With resources and systems in place around the world and a team of highly trained facilitators, we hold vision and mission-driven entrepreneurs accountable to build lasting, meaningful relationships and the highest aspirations in life professionally and personally.


Successes from the Asentiv Mastermind Membership:

Being a part of the Asentiv Mastermind has helped me:
– Define and refine my Mission Statement so that it takes my breath away!
–  Helped sell copies of my book, and create fans of my Podcast!
– Helped me create a knock-their-socks-off presentation!
– Provided ideas to keep my network engaged!
– Given me an accountability partner for my second book (although she hasn’t bugged me about it in a while …)!
– Helped me communicate with the staff so we’re rowing the boat in the same direction!
– Helped me define and refine my Target Market!
– Provided me with social media feedback!
– Provided me with social media likes, shares and comments
Shawn Yesner, Yesner Law & the Crushing Debt Podcast

The fact that we had several marketing seats in the meeting and many people were expressing marketing needs, efforts, and wishes was priceless! Whether nothing comes out of that, or you land a whale through that specific meeting…..Many participants left with ideas, and certain marketing business owners were given ideas on who to call on. I think many members received great information based on the platform! I will definitely look forward to the next one!
Charles Rickie