13 Months a Year – Video Series




13 Months a Year Video Series

Included is the 13 Months a Year Online Program (which includes 13 weeks of videos delivered to your inbox each week (videos are 22 – 36 minutes)) and the Online Group with interaction from Tiffanie Kellog & your fellow participants.

What others are saying about the program:
“Two words: peace and confidence. Peace that I don’t have to frantically let email run my life. And the confidence that it’s all going to be ok if I don’t respond ASAP.” Phil Gerbyshak

13 Months a Year offered some great tips on where I could save snippets of time… making multiple small changes made a difference in time availability.” Laura Gignac

13 Months a Year helped me realize how much time I waste in between doing things that are important to me and to my business.” Debi Frock

“You gave me an easy system for prioritizing.” Ramona M. Chance

13 Months a Year helped me to get out of the email purgatory that I was in on a daily basis!” Richard Vazquez

“I was able to create more time to attend Crossfit classes three times a week and have lost 29 pounds so far.” Charles T. Kitzmiller

Topics included in 13 Months a Year:
Week 1: Where Are You Spending Your Time?
Week 2: Escape from Email Hell
Week #3: Time Management? There’s No Such Thing (How to Master Your Time)
Week #4: Sock it to your calendar (so it does not rule you)
Week #5: Get it DONE!
Week #6: The Cost of Multitasking
Week #7: Why Should You Have to Do It All?
Week #8: Life Made Easy!
Week #9: Did You Know? You Are Important Too!
Week #10: Decision Making, EASY!
Week #11: YOUR Time IS Money
Week #12: Eliminating the Time Suckers
Week #13: 168 Hours in your Week